Marketing on linkedin to promote your business

Linkedin is well known for connecting professionals all over the world. Many people associate it with finding new positions and advancing one’s career, but if you further explore you will know that Linkedin can also be a useful platform for expanding the network for many types of businesses.

Computer professionals, engineers, recently established companies and every professional having any kind of skill can use Linkedin to promote their services to a different audience than is available on other social networks. The key is to take a smart strategy in approaching it. Here are 7 great tips to help you to understand marketing on Linkedin.

1. Create a company page for your business

To use personal profile on Linkedin is too mainstream. Linkedin also provides the Linkedin company pages which is a better and effective way to represent your brand or an organisation. There is no reason to hesitate if you run a small operation or a business, just make your company page and connect it with your current personal account on Linkedin, it will be beneficial for you.It allows you to post updates and add information with your brand name which is better than adding it individually.It helps you to connect with people with your brand or an organisation. And yes… this is your first firm step towards marketing on Linkedin.

2.Highlight your business on your own profile

Using personal profile, you can create an opportunity to present youself as an individual behind the brand and helps us to build a professional reputation for marketing on Linkedin. for that to happen you have to highlight the activities of your business and links to all the important pages.
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3.Update your profile frequently to be in spotlight

Using your company page, you can post news and update your professional contacts about your recent developments.It is very important to use this tool frequently and strategically. Eg: You should update your recently completed projects,new and upcoming projects,creative ideas & tips etc.

4.Use best visuals for your promotions

Though Linkedin is not very “pro-visual” networking platform but it is very important to use this little freedom and make most out of it. So, the pro-tip for successful marketing on Linkedin is to always use high quality visuals (images & videos) for your content and profile updates.

5.Join and create groups

A great social feature on Linkedin is the provision to start a group which revolves around the specific interest. Therefore, always try to connect your business to a general topic which is common but liked by people. It will help you to promote your business among them. These small steps for marketing on Linkedin are very important for your successful promotions.

6.Join the public groups & try to connect with the employees and professionals

Creating your own group is not enough in this social media world. You need to join existing groups and interact with other users.
If you have a healthy connection with your employees and professionals in the market on Linkedin, it will help you to get more attention.
Eg.If any stranger see that your company page is followed by proffessionals with skills & experience; it boosts your credibility immediately.

7.Take marketing on Linkedin seriously

We all know that Linkedin is more a professional marketing platform available. Therefore, for the effective results and development of your business, you have to take marketing on Linkedin very seriously and keep on working on it. Always try to learn about features & tools available. Explore other company pages & profiles to improve yourself on the go.

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